Tara Buddhist deity, Buddhist fine art

Tara (Buddhist Goddess, gold & silver-toned painting)

Acrylics on canvas.
Size: 24″x24″ , on 1.5″ gallery canvas.
Ready-to-hang original art, painted on sides.
Lee’s artwork comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.
$ 1700
€ 1225
£ 1010
plus shipping and handling cost, if applicable.
Artist Open Houses Show Price (May 2014): £ 910.

Artwork size: approx 12 x 12 inch (frames up nicely to 20-24 inches or bigger).
Quality fine art print: US$149 | £90, plus shipping & handling cost if applicable.

See Tara’s Mantra and Buddhist meaning below.

Artwork size: 12×12 inch (frames up nicely to 20-24 inches or bigger).
Spiritual quality fine art print: US$149 plush shipping & handling cost.

Treat yourself a gorgeous, healing, fine artwork – original or print.
This artwork is treated with Reiki Healing Energy.

Tara’s Mantra
Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha

The story & meaning of Tara
More artwork in this series by Astrid Lee
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Description of Tibetan Buddhist Tara

“Tara is called Mother because it is the mother who gives birth to children. The actual meaning of Tara is the transcendental wisdom of non-dual bliss and voidness, which sees the absolute and conventional truth of all existence.

There are so many inner obstacles to the development of your mind, and these inner obstacles create many outer obstacles. Therefore, for the success of your Dharma practice, of your actualizing the graduated path to enlightenment, you must rely upon a special deity, or buddha, such as Tara. All the actions of the buddhas have manifested in this female aspect of buddha, Tara the Liberator, in order to help living beings to accomplish successfully both temporal and ultimate happiness.

Tara is quick to grant success in obtaining the ultimate happiness of enlightenment. You receive much good merit, or cause of happiness; it prevents a suffering rebirth in your next life; you receive initiation from millions of buddhas; and you achieve enlightenment.

Besides these, however, Tara practice has many other benefits. Reciting the Twenty-one Taras’ prayer with devotion, at dawn or dusk—or remembering Tara, singing praises and reciting mantras at any time of the day or night—protects you from fear and dangers, and fulfill all your wishes. If you pray to Tara, Tara is particularly quick to grant help.

There are also many temporal benefits from Tara practice, either reciting the Tara mantra or the Twenty-one Taras’ prayer. Tara can solve many problems in your life: liberate you from untimely death; help you recover from disease; bring you success in business; help you to find a job; bring you wealth. When you have a really serious problem, such as a life-threatening disease, if you rely upon Tara, very commonly you will be freed from that problem; you will recover from that disease. If you eat poison, if you rely upon Tara, the poison will not harm you. By doing Tara prayers and mantras, couples with difficulty having a child can have a child—and whichever they want, a son or a daughter. These are very common experiences. Through Tara practice, you can obtain any happiness of this life that you wish.

If you recite the Twenty-one Taras’ prayer once every evening, it is impossible—I can put my signature to this!—for you to die of starvation. It is also a very common experience for lay practitioners, monks and nuns with financial difficulties to have such problems relieved by doing Tara practice. In my personal experience, I have seen many instances of people who have prayed to and taken refuge in Tara and been saved from the danger of untimely death from disease without taking medicine.”

(source: lamayeshe.com)

April 28 2014 12:01 am | Buddhist Art

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  1. John Came on 19 Jul 2008 at 6:16 pm #

    Can you please give me the Tara mantra translated in english. By the way I love your work and will be ordering some next week. How long does it take to get to Langley, BC? Can I pick up in North Vancouver? Thanks.


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