Medicine Buddha


Acrylics painting.
Artwork size: 30″x30″ , on 1.75″ gallery-quality canvas.

Lee’s artwork comes with a certificate of authenticity.
This artwork is treated with Reiki.

Ready-to-hang original art, painted draping over sides,
finished with black border.

US$5000 + S&H (except local pick-ups)

Fine Art Print

Alternatively, treat yourself a gorgeous, healing, quality print on paper.
Artwork size: 10×10 inch (frames up nicely to 20-24 inches or bigger by using double or triple matting).

US$90 + S&H (except local pick-ups)
This print is also treated with Reiki.

Medicine Buddha, 2007

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Healing Journey

This painting is a close-up of a Medicine Buddha Thankha painting. Therefore I choose to follow traditional thankha painting practices. Thankha painters meditate on the meaning and the power of the deity while painting.

In this case, the Medicine Buddha is the healing buddha. He is a very powerful and important deity in Tibetan Buddhism. While everyone can pray to the Medicine Buddha, a Rimpoche (high lama) can attune individuals to the Medicine Buddha, making their prayers to the Medicine Buddha more powerful.

In my case, first studied the Medicine Buddha (oh, and I have still a lot more to learn…) and obtained Medicine Buddha attunement. Then while painting, I alternated sending Reiki to the painting, reciting the Medicine Buddha prayer and the Medicine Buddha seed mantra. It took 2 months to complete this painting.

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