The Rosary

te mooi om weg te gooien - kunst tentoonstelling Gorkum


The Rosary, 2014

(Or “Reaching for Heaven through Means that I know”)
Mixed media (clay fragment, rosary, burlap, paint). Approx. 15 x 30 cm.

This sculpture by Astrid Lee is based on Fragment #62 of the ‘Everything has to Go’-museum, an interactive artwork by an interactive work by well-known Dutch artist Diet Wiegman . The works are in ‘Te Mooi om Weg Te Gooien’ (Too Beautiful to Trash), curated exhibition, Gorcums Museum, Gorinchem, the Netherlands. This is a current Exhibition, ending June 1 2014.

More info: Gorcums museum)

This work addresses the relationship of the innocent person with God. The rosary is a tool for praying and so a tool to lift one’s spirituality. The rosary is interwoven with burlap. It is simultaneously projected as a life-saving rope and a hanging tree branch filled with fruit. Clad in traditional costume, the girl looks timeless. She could be an illustration of a vintage Dutch song book. However, the particular color blue of her dress makes her a personification of Mother Mary. The shape of the artwork is also a silhouette of a face that belongs both to Mother Nature as well as the all-seeing Father God in heaven.

Te Mooi om Weg Te Gooien - tentoonstelling Gorinchem

In her art, Astrid Lee explores the power of universally understood symbols, objects and ritual in men’s quest to advance spiritually.

April 28 2014 07:07 am | Other Spiritual Art

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