Indestructible Foundation

Double Vajra ::  indestructable foundation :: original Tibetan Buddhist Art

Indestructible Foundation

Original painting.
Acrylics on canvas. Size: 12×12″, on 1.5″ deep gallery canvas.
Lee’s artwork comes with a certificate of authenticity.
This artwork has been made w prayer | treated with Reiki.
Ready-to-hang original art, painted on sides.
+ shipping and handling cost, only if applicable.
Artist Open Houses Show Price (May 2014): £210 ( >20% discount)

Quality Art Print
Artwork size: 12×12 inch (frames up nicely to 20-24 inches or bigger).
Spiritual art print: US$49 plus shipping and handling cost.

Indestructible Foundation — read the story & meaning of the Double Vajra below

Description of Tibetan Buddhism

“Double Vjra : Indestructible Foundation symbol : Buddhist symbolism :

Dorje is the Tibetan word for vajra. It also symbolizes the impervious and fixed solidity of the point of power around which all else turns — the axis mundi or hub of the world.

April 28 2014 11:12 pm | Buddhist Art

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