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Buddhist art

Art Mission Statement

“I create art that bring people in touch with the positive side of life, and in particular, their own spiritual side and the divine.

May it enlighten, bring some hope, health & happiness.”

Within this context, the “Tibetan Buddhism, Aspects of Ceremony”- series is about highlighting the spiritual meaning of some common and not-so-common Buddhist objects: statues of Buddha’s and other Deities, Lotus flowers, bells & cymbals – instruments used to call upon the Deities for special wishes and everyday virtues of compassion, wisdom and balance.

My art imagery is about powerful, universally understood symbols of healing & spirituality. The aim of my art is to bring hope, health and healing to all observers of my art, directly, and indirectly of my fine art prints.

The themes of my work encompass imagery of Buddhism (symbols of serenity, inner wisdom and spirituality), healing hearts (symbol of love), pineapples (symbol of abundance, wealth, welcoming, and sunshine), lotus flowers (symbol of enlightenment and healing), crowns (symbol of empowerment and abundance), crosses and more.

I hope that my artwork inspires you spiritually. Works such as the Lotus Flowers Chakra Meditation series is designed for meditation. Most of my art lands in people’s private healing places or on ‘altars’.

Encouraging Hearts‘ is another series to visually help viewers connect to the Heart Chakra, and heal that aspect which needs healing the most. Many paintings do so in whimsical ways.

What’s unique about my art, is that I Reiki each artwork. Whether they hold as containers for this divine energy, yes, I think so. Many people have commented that the paintings make them feel calm, and for sure, my later series are very often commented on as ‘I don’t know what it is about them, but I really like looking at them’.

In addition, when I give the artwork Reiki while painting them, immediate suggestions come into my head about what to depict and how to & execute the artwork. When I follow these suggestions, I am enthralled! I’m becoming a better painter through them, as they helping me improve the artworks technically, and to be a better artist, as they help me conceptually to better symbolically articulate what I mean to convey.

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Astrid Lee
(1963- )
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Art Biography
Born and raised in art-loving Holland, it was natural for Astrid to undertake extensive self-study in visual art in Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin, London, Madrid, Tokyo, Johannesburg, New York City, San Francisco, and now Vancouver. This extensive travel offered me a global perspective on art, besides being a great resource to draw upon when developing my portfolio.

My earliest serious drawings date back from childhood in the ’70’s, when I was ill in bed for several months. I studied master drawings, books and books on end, and try to reproduce the master pieces.

The real kick-off point to develop my own original art started much later in 1986. One night after visiting a Kabuki play downtown Tokyo, I was so inspired, a bought a set of Japanese ink and watercolor on the way home and started to play, trying to create that great wisteria on a 6×8″ pad. I have come a long way since. Over time, my watercolor works became larger (e.g. 24”), and I was searching for ways to lay down flat surfaces of color. I switched to acrylics as medium in California in 2001.

When I came to the US, –following a 10-year international management consulting career based on an MBA from NYU –, I came with my focus on the Internet and art. I initially completed a Multimedia Art Certification at Foothill College and created the Los Altos digital art gallery, an exhibition sponsored by Adobe featured in the Los Altos Library in 1997. Upon completion, I started to teach web design, digital media and Internet marketing.

Throughout my life, I have been awarded grants and awards, including Teaching Assistant Fellowships & Tuition Grants from New York University, a Grant from AT&T, a study Grant from a business in my local community, and an International Student Exchange Award. I have also been nominated for the Australian Business Women of the Year award, before my current focus on art.

My motivation to paint is linked to the exploration of deeper meaning. I want to portray the pure and positive in life. My colorful (mixed-media) paintings are meant to express my love of paint and the magic of serendipity during the act of painting as well as commenting on the subject matter.

My hues tend to be bright, and I try not to be too neat, using relatively large brushes and sometimes even palette knives for top layers after having worked out the more detailed anatomy of my story telling and/or subject matter.The vigor and energy that radiates from my canvases seem to captivate my viewers.

Serial works are usually thematic. While each painting is valuable in its own right, each painting belongs to the series as an aspect of concept exploration. My titling reflects this. For example, the title of the series, “Proof Exists” relates to the objective of the artist to find proof of subliminal guidance in art making. The shapes and colors of the resulting personal iconography are formed intuitively in the process of painting, as well as a research into universally understood symbols and icons.

Artistic Progression
Over my years as a painting, I moved from masks (the hiding artist), to many, many hearts (I was a newly wed) to abstracts (could paint something else besides hearts?), to flower blossom close-ups (audience took my abstracts for flowers), to flowers with spiritual meaning (Lotus chakra meditation-series) to Buddhism, with the magical painting of a lotus pond in moonshine in the ‘mind’ of a Buddha statue as transition piece. What’s next? 108 Buddhist paintings, or multiples thereof.

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