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How to Commission Art by Astrid Lee, Brighton, UK

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Commission Art for Your Home / Art for Your Office

If you would like to:
• commission an original Astrid Lee painting or a commercial illustration;
• obtain licensing rights on an existing piece, or
• be added to my emailing list ….
then… email my studio at

Include as many specifics of your requirements as possible. Please also include your phone number as certain aspects are best discussed by phone rather than emailing back/forth. Most often, I’d like to call you back to discuss the job more in depth.

When to Commission an Artwork

There’s nothing as personal as a work of art created ‘just for you’. It is meant to suit you, your situation, your environment. It’s both an investment and a treasure!

My Commissioning Process

When you are considering to commission me to make an artwork for you, first take an look over my entire website to ensure you like my style & palette. Note your favorites and the ones you ‘like least’. More importantly, consider my statement, and ensure you love my mission in art: “it’s spiritual, it’s uplifting, it’s a joy to look at and makes you feel great! ”

Then, in our initial ‘meeting’ by phone, email or in person, I’ll be seeking a description of what you are seeking, we will discuss where it will hang and any precedent it has to follow.

This is the time to be frank: state your (and your partner’s) dislikes, and likes. If you want a close duplicate of a particular painting, please say so right up front. Ask questions. All this will help to get you what you wish for.

I’ll ask questions like:

  • “Have you commissioned art before? How many pieces? By which artist(s)?”
  • “What do you want to see in your art?”
  • “Is there anything you don’t like about my art or don’t want to see?”
  • “Do you have any other questions or requests?”
  • “Will you be the only one approving the art?” (I’m hoping: “yes”.)

New clients will have a simple contract which addresses major points: basic characteristics of the art, payment schedule, late payment fees, completion time, and final delivery.

For all commissions, a 33% commissioning fee is required at the start of the project. This fee is not refundable, however it is applied to the final cost of the commissioned piece.

Depending on the commission, I then develop a concept, possibly with a few options from which to choose, upon receipt of the commissioning fee.

I then paint the picture using acrylics. Commissioned artwork can take as little as a month to several months to fabricate, depending on the assignment and the schedule of the artist, me.

I’ll arrange for you to periodically view the work in progress, four times before completion. That way, you can address concerns. Personally, I encourage dialogue at all times. I want you to feel comfortable asking questions, and expressing opinions about the art and its progress.

You will receive a digital image of the finished artwork for approval prior to it being shipped to you. After acceptance of this artwork photo, a second payment of 33% is due. Upon your receipt of the painting, the balance of the contract is due, and you are then ready to hang your new masterpiece on your wall 🙂

Interested in learning more? Have an idea in mind for yourself or a special gift? Direct your art commissioning inquiries to

Other Types of Commissions

Besides a commission centered around your wishes, you can commission a painting b one of my existing paintings. Fees for such paintings are usually much lower – often such paintings go at par with fees for the source painting.

When to Commission a New Painting ‘like another Painting’?

When to commission an artwork by me is when you just love one of my paintings and it’s unavailable; either sold or NFS. Or, when the size of the original doesn’t match the space you have available for art.

Usually, I don’t EXACTLY copy an artwork I have done before. Rather, I recreate a painting just for you with new aspects that better suit you, your environment and situation.

Van Gogh painted the painting ‘The potato eaters’ 4-5 times, with just minor differences. I have started to work with commissions in this way.

For example, this client of the painting below wanted to buy an unavailable painting. She was thrilled to be able to commission for the same price a similar painting with adjustments to intuitively suit her needs/situation. I changed the facial expression along with different color lotus flowers.

These two changes actually altered the spiritual focus, with the magenta lotus flowers relating to the ‘IAM chakra’, instead of the original ones.

Last but not least, I apply lots and lots of Reiki to my commissioned artworks. The Reiki helps me paint better and for sure, you’ll know what I mean when you see the final result. You’ll love it.

Soul Portraits

Sometimes, I take commissions for what I call ‘soul portraits’. These portraits have a likeness to who how the person looks today, but also yesterday, or a decade or two ago. I digitally manipulate a collage of photographs of their face, hands, body positions, combined with visual imagery of aspects important to that person, till I get a visual image of what I want to paint ‘just right’ in my mind. Then, I use this collage as a core input for the painting. A sense of agelessness and soulful completeness is realized in this process.

I take great pride to get to know my subjects and their personal iconography, which I use as a visual language to describe who they are. If this sounds like ‘art speak’, look at the sample below and you’ll know what I mean.

As the Lady depicted is spiritual – the mantra ‘OM’ is permeating every inch of her aura. Buddha is watching over her, softly smiling as she’s having a very successful life this lifetime. She loved a photo of herself when she was in her 40’s and I integrated her youthful beaming smile from that photo. She is twice that age today but in spirit as young as she ever was. Great client. (If you think you are as great a client as she was, CALL ME 😉 and I would love to work with you.

Soul Portraits Pricing

An ideal size for head and shoulders is 16×20 inches. In acrylics on canvas: US$990 . For complex backgrounds add 30%.

The painting fees do not include sales tax, framing, travel, shipping and associated expenses, which will be passed on to you at cost. Upon request, framing recommendations can be given.

The process for Soul Portraits.

For portraits, we’ll discuss the subject’s personality, lifestyle and portrait objectives. This includes background, clothing, accessories, and other elements to be included in the portrait.

For portraits, the next step is collecting ‘input material’, and may involve photographing the subject in a variety of outfits, settings and poses, which could take several hours. If ‘ageless’ is a key element, good older photographs at earlier ages should be supplied, either physically or digitally (hi resolution preferred).

I then develop a concept, possibly with a few options from which to choose. A 33% fee is required before I submit this concept work. This fee is not refundable, however it is applied to the final cost of the commissioned piece.

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