Art Rental

My Specialty is Healing, Buddhist or otherwise Spiritual art.

All artwork is available for rent, including:

Chakra Meditations – lotus paintings

Proof God Exists – abstract paintings

Buddhist Art Collage – digital art photography

Love in Mendocino – digital art photography

Mixed media

Direct your rental inquiries to

Art Rental Program Details

Regular local rental fees are a low 3% percentage of the artwork’s value, starting as low as $5.00 per month.

Billing can be either monthly or quarterly, with a minimum rental period of one month for local rentals.

Should you decide to buy an artwork that you have been renting, three months rent can be applied towards the purchase price.

In addition, gift certificates are available.

Rotation of works can be scheduled at your request. Consultation and up to 5 works may be installed FREE. Local rotation fees: 5 – 10 works @ $3.00 per work 11-15 works @ $2.75 per work 16 and over @ $2.50 per work.

For out-of-town arrangements, a fee for installation travel and/or packing, shipping, insurance costs, etc. will apply. Import duty/customs charges passed on at cost. Minimum art rental contract: US$300. Canada only.

Sample artwork available for rent:

Proof Exists- Series
Birth, Spiritual Artwork, Proof God Exists - series

March 03 2008 10:49 pm | Other Spiritual Art

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