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:: Introduction to The Spiritual Art of Astrid Lee ::

The main theme of Astrid art is the exploration of healing symbols and symbolism. Her uplifting work depicts powerful, universally understood symbols of healing transformation & spirituality.

While the pursuit of art is essentially spiritual, the art of Astrid Lee is specifically focused on
assisting the audience to go within, heal themselves, and raise their spiritual awareness.

She shares her own exploration of the power and usage of objects & other means used in spiritual practice around the world to elevate people’s minds and souls toward Enlightenment. Objects and rituals, often covered in meaningful spiritual symbols and symbolism are core vessels for spiritual pursuit. At times, Astrid focuses on powerful symbols themselves… From hearts, to animals, to Buddhas, to crosses.

Art Medium

Mostly, Lee works with acrylics on canvas. Although she cannot help herself to explore her themes through a variety of other media, be that drawings, sculptures of found objects, crochet projects, digital art, linocuts, ….. Astrid Lee refuses to stick to any one medium, to fit anyone’s box, to match anyone’s label.
Spiritualism is related to a part bigger than we are, Astrid says. The divine world speaks to me in many languages and different mediums as different media are suited to different messages for different audience.

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What’s unique about my art, is that I Reiki each artwork.

The themes of my work encompass imagery of Buddhism (symbols of serenity, inner wisdom and spirituality), healing hearts (symbol of love), pineapples (symbol of abundance, wealth, welcoming, and sunshine), and lotus flowers (symbol of enlightenment and healing), and crowns (symbol of empowerment and abundance).

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  1. Pete Taboada on 23 Jun 2008 at 12:34 pm #

    I wanted to tell you that I AM so happy to have found your blog, the primary reason for that is that you intentionally give it energy and life by doing Reiki to it.

    I have read about Reiki and plan to take it in the near future. I do understand energy, LOVE is an energy, emotions are energy.

    I understand.


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